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We agree that generating superb manuscripts for publications may be difficult but AMES has been in this business for a very long time successfully generating top-notch manuscripts for many publishers. The company has also been assisting fresh and established publishing houses get professional writers, authors, assessors, reviewers, editors, designers and marketers for their businesses. Our company can generate manuscripts for you on all subjects at various levels in any field. We deliver manuscripts on education, academics, professional, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, religion, etc. We shall also make sure we help the client to the stage of printing if he or she wants it. Contact us today to discuss further!

The following titles are some of those have been generated and written by professional educators, teachers, and seasoned authors and published by some publishers. Contact us today if you need our services to generate/write manuscripts for you on any subject.

English Grammar: Parts of Speech and Their Usage for Schools and Colleges (Published) 2011-284 pgs

Book Range English Course for Primary Schools 1-6 (Co-authored, Accepted for Publication)

Book Range English Language JSS 1-3 (Co-authored)

Practical English Structure, Volume One for Schools and Tertiary Institutions (Unpublished)

The Present-Day English Language for Schools and Colleges, 387 pages (Published)

Phonics Primary 1-6 (Published) 2019

Literary Works 12 (Published)

Hot Soup(A play adapted from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, published)

Voices of My Talking Drum (Published)

English Grammar and Word-Building for Primary Schools 1-6

Creative Composition for Primary Schools 1-6

Smart Handwriting for Beginners Books 1-3

Smart English Grammar for Beginners Books 1-3

Smart Phonics for Beginners Books 1-3

Paralegal Education, Communication and Technology

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