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Legal Implications in the Entertainment Industry

Legal implications in the entertainment industry focused on record labels and artists are contributions of legal profession in the entertainment industry or how a legal profession comes into resolving issues in the entertainment industry between record labels and artists.Record labels are brands or trademarks associated with the marketing of music recordings and music videos while the record artists are musicians who record music, or who fill in missing musical parts of a song.

A pop music star or a rapper who has a contract with a record label can be a very good example. Consequently, both the record labels and the record artists must reach into what is known as a record deal which, according to Wikipedia, is a ‘legal agreement’ (a contract) between a record label and a record artist where the artist makes a record or a series of records for the label to sell and promote.Recording contracts are very important because they are, perhaps, the most important singular form of protection both parties have when entering into a business relationship. If done right, they are impenetrable and offer a balanced relationship between the two parties. If done wrong, on the other hand, one party suffers and the relationship deteriorates in the course of time.

Lawyers are most important representatives in this issue because they are the ones to draft and review the said record deals and incorporate the protective provisions that prevent exploitation and disenchantment. They give contractual advice to clients because most clients enter into contracts without understanding their depths. Hence, a lawyer is needed to advise and guide you on the legal consequences.

Lawyers also draft and negotiate development and production contracts, such as writers’ agreements, talent agreements, and recording agreements and facilitate and negotiate distribution deals for an entertainment project. They work on financing agreements for sponsorship, bank loans, co-production investments, grants, and other types of investments and prepare form agreements for clients, such as appearance releases, location releases, and license agreements. They also review contracts and other legal documents to analyse right issues or other business or legal questions, as well as comment on pitches and budgets for television series, films, mobile apps or other entertainment projects.


Lawyers resolve contract disputes through alternative dispute resolution: mediation, conciliation or arbitration. Above all, lawyers will take care of all the following: terms of contract, release commitments, exclusivity, royalty, auditing rights, recording rights, etc. For example, no lawyer worth his salt would advise an artist to sign a contract with an initial term exceeding one year.

In conclusion,here is a current buzz of creative talents in the music and entertainment industry in Nigeria. Therefore, both parties must enter into recording contracts to expectedly experience an upsurge and recognise the value of negotiating balanced and fair clauses that protect each other’s interests.


Rationale for Content Writers in the Legal Business

A content writer is very important to legal business because a legal content writing is one of the most complex types of content. It is a demanding task to produce factually accurate and compelling content for a person with limited knowledge when it comes to spelling, grammar, syntax, semantics, and research and to include key words in their copy.

For Quality Services: It may be tempting to create your own content because it would be more cost effective but you might find that doing the writing on your own might not bring you the kind of success you are looking for. It is always best to leave the work to the professional who is versed in writing.

For Offloading: It takes a lot of time and effort to get a business going and then keep it going. If you want to continuously put out new content, which is the best way to become successful, then it is imperative to delegate this task to the writer who is experienced in this field. This gives you more time to focus on other aspects of your business and you can simply wait for the content to come in and reap the benefits.


For Effective Marketing: Through content writing, a content writer does marketing, advertising, and business development strategies for lawyers. The following are some of the tasks:

Website contents: A content writer creates a legal savvy content specific to company’s or business’ website/blogs and tells the world who company is and what the company does. A content writer persuades the readers and the internet that the company is the right choice.

Articles: A content writer disseminates pieces of information designed for a quick read about a topic or legal question. He or she provides useful information without actually giving or implying legal advice.

Press releases: A content writer informs the public about a noteworthy mention, event, or any media related subject matter that you want to distribute across newsworthy channels.

Newsletters: A content writer creates specific email marketing content pieces or copies designed for particular topics of interest or practice areas that give you the opportunity to impress already interested readers.

Legal memoranda: A content writer analyses a legal scenario or problem, and objectively explains to a more educated audience, possible outcomes and available options to choose from.

Scripts and interviews: A content writer prepares questions and/or answers, content-specific dialogues, or any type of writings that is read or incorporated into another type of content, presentation or production.


In conclusion,there is a current buzz of creative talents in the music and entertainment industry in Nigeria. Therefore, both parties must enter into recording contracts to expectedly experience an upsurge and recognise the value of negotiating balanced and fair clauses that protect each other’s interests.


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