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At Adron Homes, You can Get Land with Little Amounts

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Adron Homes came into the industry with a strategy of not only saving house seekers from the hassles of obtaining mortgage financing. But rather, simplifying the house ownership process with the provision of a flexible payment plan that extends between five and 10 years, payable on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

The company has found that the daily payment plan works for most Nigerians, many of whom are in the informal sector where they earn daily income. Payment could be as low am N500 to N1, 000 daily.

Simplifying housing ownership process

There is an assurance of allocations immediately after payment on land the and developmental fees are made, which would be an indication of the beneficiary’s readiness to move the  into site to commence construction work.

The company also assures on the genuineness of its documents. There is guarantee of the safety of investments in all Adron Homes estates.

Notable also is the fact that its lands are free from the menace of land grabbers and touts popularly calm oniesiles, in addition to family issues that regularly crop up after what was believed to be genuine transactions have taken place.

How company is a leading real estate

King says what sets Adron Homes apart from its competitors is its vision as a focus-driven company with a target to achieve. The company came into the industry with a vision to reduce the country’s housing deficit by 10 percent in its first 10 years.

This would translate into provision of 1.8 million new homes within the period for an estimated 18 million people without homes and based on the calculation of a population of about 170 million people.

The company had 100, 000 subscribers to its products in the first five years. Though the figure was still a far cry from its target, it considered the success a landmark for a company that had been in existence only for that period.

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By any standard, the success recorded by Adron Homes within the period of its existence could be described as impressive. This is evident in the rapid increase in its land bank and clientele base.

Company’s success

Such is the rate of the company’s success that when the country was reeling under the effects of recession in 2016 that adversely affected many businesses, it was smiling to the bank as a result of tremendous patronage of its services. The secret behind that success lay in the fact that its services are tailored to meet local demands.

The company has had to grapple with several challenges that include the cost building materials like cement, iron rod, sand and others that are imported.

This is in addition to imported labour from neighboring countries like Benin Republic and other African countries who are often more expensive than their Nigerian counterparts. This naturally adds to the final cost of its products.

King believes with diligent implementation of government’s current economic plans, some of the challenges faced by developers and practitioners in the real estate sector will be greatly reduced.

For instance, some Chinese companies have set up shop in Nigeria to produce tiles, which will positively impact on the cost of the material in the country.

The success of Adron Homes is reflected on the rate at which it is expanding. With a strong footing in the South West where its presence is greatly felt, notably in Lagos, Ogun and Oyo states, the company has spread its tentacles to Abuja and is looking in the direction of the South Eastern and northern parts of the country.


The aim is to be the reference point in housing delivery in the country. The company’s estates are scattered in different parts of Lagos and environs.

They include Imota Park and Gardens; Rehoboth Park and Gardens Phases 1 and 2; Grandview Park and Grandview series; the Hajj and Strong Tower Estate at Lekki Peninsula. Others are Treasure Park and Gardens; Glass House; City of David Phases 1 and 2, as well as Downtown Estate.

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If you want a reliable land and house in Ibadan and anywhere in Nigeria, contact us to take you to our estates where you can choose your preferred land or house of your choice. For more information to get your own, contact us @




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