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Provision of housing has become a more challenging issue in Nigeria today than it has ever been. The reasons are not difficult to fathom. The population is rapidly growing.

The cost of acquiring houses is increasingly getting out of the reach of the majority of Nigerians in the face of dwindling income. The situation is not made any better by the high cost of acquiring land and the bottlenecks associated with securing titles and certificate of occupancy.

There is also the high cost of building materials, which ultimately make acquisition of houses remain a pipe dream to most Nigerians.

Challenges of house ownership in Nigeria

It is against this background that Adron Homes appeared on the scene to contribute to the effort to at least reduce the deficit, even it would not be totally eliminated.

And in the seven years it has been in existence, the company has made its presence felt in the sector through provision of homes that have not only provided shelter to many people, but have also enabled them to live in houses that meet their tastes.

King says the concept of affordable homes does not in any way suggest that housing can be cheap, because housing is not cheap in any part of the world. In fact, he admits that housing is expensive, which may be in agreement with the Nigerian proverb that says a good soup is the product of money.

He says the affordability concept in housing delivery is not all about the cost of a house, but the totality of the whole environment that includes roads, schools, hospitals, shopping centres and, in some cases, bridges, as well as a flexible payment system that enables the home owner to pay over a period.

The cheapest house in the stable of Adron Homes is the two-terrain house that goes for N12.5 million. The company considers this affordable when it is taken into the account the fact that a mortgage loan for a three-bedroom bungalow may be up to N15 million.

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What has constituted a major hindrance to easy access to house ownership in Nigeria are the stringent conditions mortgage or other finance institutions attach to loan requirements.

This has to do chiefly with collateral requirements that many prospective house owners cannot afford to provide in order to access mortgage loans. `The strategies adopted by Adron Homes to win the hearts of Nigerians are not marketing stunts.

They tell the story of a company that is making significant contributions towards reducing the country’s housing deficit that was said by the World Bank to stand at roughly 17 million as at 2013 (current estimates put it at more than 22 million against the background of a burgeoning population that is now estimated to be up to 200 million).

Our Vision

To be the leading Pan-African real estate development company that will provide the highest number of decent, accurate, accessible, comfortable and affordable houses while achieving global housing standard.

Our Mission

We are daily driven to keep our promise, increase our land bank expand our client base offering excellent services and affordable housing products with a singular mission to exceed expectations.

Our Role

Our basic role at Adron Homes and Properties Limited is to secure suitable house for everyone, irrespective of social class, income level and all else. We are

Oba Adetola Emmanuel King is the founder of Adron Homes and is also its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He says he was driven into establishing the company by the need to bring affordable houses to the reach of as many Nigerians as possible. This was in full realization of the fact that there is no housing shortage in the high end of the market, but in the low and middle-class bracket where the deficit is more pronounced.

If you want a reliable land and house in Ibadan and anywhere in Nigeria, contact us to take you to our estates where you can choose your preferred land or house of your choice. For more information to get your own, contact us @

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