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Channels to Promote Your Businesses/Companies

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Still on media, another brilliant way you can use the media is by buying them. This involves purchasing relevant ad spaces on websites, blogs or forums with huge traffic.

Use Media Buys

All you need to do is to find the best website in your niche and contact the website owner to make an arrangement over placing your ad on his or her blog.

By placing your link on the website of your choice, people can have access to the offer.

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Try forum marketing

A place people meet for all walks of life. It is a perfect platform for meeting prospective traffic to your business.

Contribute meaningfully to any discussion that is related to your products and services. If you are considered knowledgeable, you should be confident of having many people that will use the link to view the product.

That is good and a cheap way to drive traffic to your offer. In some powerful for a, you can take advantage, including Quora, Warrior, Forum, Android Forum, and the test.

If properly optimized, these forums can generate a huge lead for your business.

In this case, you can become an affiliate marketer and become to earn.

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Email Marketing is a good idea

Do you have a huge number of people in your mailing list? If you do, you can tap into your mailing list to derive traffic to your business.

You should prepare a good article that is very informative and written in flawless English and send it to all the contacts on your mailing list.

You should include the link to the product in the message and you can rest assure that many people will be reached by the letter.

That way, you can get some people who will show interest in the products/services.

How to use email marketing

  • Build a big list
  • Create land page
  • Create the opt-in form
  • Create RSS-to-Email
  • Try out affiliate marketing
  • Create your own brand
  • Offer coaching service
  • Sell ads space

In this case, you can become an affiliate marketer and become to earn.

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Use Yahoo Answers

If you want a good ‘Question and Answer’ platform, you have it in Yahoo Answer. Thousands of people use this platform daily to get answers to their problems.

Few people are aware of this site potential for driving traffic. Open an account on the platform and find any relevant post to your business or product.

If you have IT-related product, look for IT-related questions and provide answers to the questions. If you want to link to your product, there is a resource box on the platform, use it to promote your link.

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Use YouTube

This video-viewing site boasts of millions of users every day. People come from all walks of life to learn from the site.

Apart from Tutorial platform, you can also use it to sell your products and derive much traffic to your products.

Try to create a good video with clear image across to your viewers. You should not forget to include a link to the product in the video.

That is the way they can take advantage of your product and drive traffic to it.

You will need to learn extensively about copywriting.

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You can create a good blog. Don’t deny it of well-written detailed posts that are targeted towards convincing people to check your products.

You can get to the right SEO expert to optimize your blog for Google rating for search engine. If your blog is rated, it will reach many people rather than any other SEO techniques.

Don’t forget to increase the popularity of your blog with facebook ads, instagram, image and photo sharing traffic and others with the link to your website/blog.

You can equally watermark any image you share with URL of your blog or website. You can imagine the kind of traffic you will generate if your image should go viral.

With your blog, you can promote your products at that please you and take good advantage of many promotion techniques, such as email marketing, facebook ads, etc.

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Use social media

There various social media you can use to promote your products. Some of them are twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube, linkedlin, snapchat, pinterest, telegram, etc.

How to promote on instagram

Start with your brand: Create a profile that is eye-catching. Your brand says a lot of things about you because it is your first marketing point.

People will easily want to identify with you if you are a marketable brand. In order to build your brand you need to answer these questions.

Locate your niche: It doesn’t matter what niche you have been blogging in. You are going to find the right audience to promote your content or brand to.

You need to discover what is popular about your niche and then cash in to drive to your site. Use the keywords.

Find out the right hashtags used in your niche: It is important to promote the right product. Some of the examples of the product are health, romance, making money, hobbies, luxury goods and other high paying products.

Other things that are very important are: What are the demographics? Introduce your affiliate product, inform your buyers, maintain your niche, create mailing list, be sociable, promote your affiliate product, use quality images, sharing results, offer incentive and generate traffic to your products.

You will need to learn extensively about copywriting.

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Use CPA/PPC advertising

You can explore CPA/PPC advertising to promote your product though it requires some amount of money. Some CPA/PPC companies are google adwords, facebook ads, bing.

Some of them are cheaper than others; those who are cheaper than those I mentioned above include ezanga, advertise.com, bitvertiser, buyselleds, etc.

How to set up Google Adwords

  • Choose network
  • Choose your bid strategy
  • Create Ad Group
  • Create Ad

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