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How Klacify Application Has Improved Schools and Organisations

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Klacify is an application built for schools, organizations, and parents to monitor their teachers, staff, and children.

Klacify automatically records the lessons taught by each teacher. This enables you to listen in from any location to know what is happening in the class.

This also improves security, teacher consciousness to do the right thing, and also in teacher-performance tracking.

  1. We install Klacify for all your teachers

Similar to how Uber App automatically manages the thousands of drivers on their platform, ensuring that they meet their daily targets, Klacify manages all your staff and ensures that they report to school on time and also meet their daily targets.

  1. Teachers scan QR codes

The school timetable and other tasks provided are uploaded to Klacify. Using this data, Klacify organizes the plan of work for each day and ensures every teacher completes their task for the day before they can clock out.

  1. We give you instant updates

By using Klacify to manage your staff, you get minute-by-minute updates of every activity happening in each classroom. This gives you the liberty to attend to other issues while we do the hard work for you

How the Application Works

Auto Class Recording

No need to walk around all the classes. Listen from your phone

Teacher performance tracking & rating

An automated staff rating system drives productivity

Effective school timetable implementation

Klacify ensures teachers stick to their plan of work

Staff attendance tracking & salary adjustment

Klacify automates your all HR services

Benefits of Klacify Application

Zero teacher-lateness to school

Our digital attendance system ensures your staff report on time

Zero skipping of classes by teachers

Klacify sends auto task-reminders to all your staff

Live Classroom Updates

Monitor everything happening in all the classes from your phone

Auto-detection of Idle Classes

All idle classes are flagged so you can take instant action.

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Answers to Your Questions That May Be Bordering Your Heart

Can I use Klacify in all our branches?

Yes. You can link all your branches to 1 Klacify App. This would enable you to see everything happening in all your schools in one click

Is there any equipment I need to buy to use Klacify?

You don’t need to buy anything. Just ensure all your teachers have and use a smartphone.

What is the maximum number of teachers we can have on Klacify?

Klacify can handle as many teachers as you have in your school. There is no limit.

Do I need to pay to have Klacify installed in my school?

No payment is required. You try it for 7 days and pay ₦10,000 each term if you love it.

How can I get instant reports of everything happening in my school?

Simply click the report page on the sidebar to see the detailed report for your school.

Can I find and employ more teachers from Klacify App?

Yes. You can find and employ teachers on Klacify. Our teachers are well trained and ready fit for any school.

How much is the subscription fee after the free trial?

Our subscription fee starts at ₦3,000 monthly for each branch of your school.

What other services can I find on Klacify for my school?

We provide extra support to schools that need a portal for their result processing and also a website.

Do you need the application? Contact Us @ 07032737483

Deola: Business Partner

or adeolakun371@gmail.com



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