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Houses  in Adron are Affordable

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The country has also set its eyes on other African countries, to reflect its pan-African nature, as well as other parts of the world.

It has offices in the United Kingdom, Dubai, and the United States where it plans to build a Naija Community Estate on five hectares of land to cater to the housing needs of Nigerians in that country.

The estate will be a virtual relocation of Nigeria as a country to the United States because everything that is found in the country will be made available there.

Nigerian languages will be spoken, and Nigerian foods and delicacies and attires sold there. The chairman is the face behind the rave of the moment in Nigeria’s housing sector, Adron Homes and Properties Ltd.

Nigerians are familiar with the name, Adron Homes and Properties Limited, the company that has become synonymous with the delivery of high-quality and affordable houses in the country.

But not many know the man behind the brand that has become a regular feature in the country’s real estate sector.

In other words, many Nigerians know the company by virtue of its superior service delivery that is complimented by professionally crafted marketing skills that ensure the company remains in the consciousness of Nigerians, but not its owner. That is the way it should be. The brand should go before the brand owner.

A pan-African company

In terms of numbers, Adron Homes has had an impressive run in the real estate business oft soft January, 2018, the company had hit an asset base of more than N100 billion – in just under six years.  The numbers are rising.

King says the company’s estates are designed to make them have a semblance of such estates In Dubai, with modern amenities that make life comfortable. Those living in it also have the feeling of living in estates outside the country.

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Its estates are designed to have infrastructures such as a good road network competing with good drainage system, adequate security, constant supply of electricity, sports and recreational facilities, restaurants as well as shopping malls for residents.

Marketing strategies

Adron Homes’ success has been due partly to its creative marketing strategies that drive home its unique offerings.

The company has a marketing team that takes the search for clients to the streets in branded vehicles that cannot escape the attention of the public.

Its marketing staff periodically undergoes trainings in psychology to be able to deal with issues that may arise in their daily interactions with people with diverse characters and mannerisms.

The company also has an annual event called Lemon Da Val party as part of Valentine’se celebrations for prospective clients. The event features celebrities in the entertainment industry who are its ambassadors.

Initial Deposit applies

In 2018, the company gave out free tickets for clients who made an initial deposit of N140, 000 and spread the Balan over of 14 months to attend the event.

For those who made an outright payment for a plot of land, the reward was qualification for a raffle draw to win a set of sofas, king-size bed and 100 bags of cement.

Purchase of a house worn the owner a 10 per cent discount and a free ticket to attend the Lemon De Val party.

The company also rewards clients with food items during festive periods. In 2015, it gave out over 1, 000 bags of rice to customers and increased the number to over 100, 000 bags in 2016, to reflect the increasing number of its customers.

As a socially responsible organization, Adron Homes gives back to the communities where it does business through the vision of amenities such as good roads, potable water and, electricity.




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