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Tangerine is one of the best financial companies in Nigeria, incorporated to solve the rising insurance challenges of individuals and corporations. We are committed to providing innovative insurance and risk management solutions to our clients.

We understand the business dynamics in the insurance industry, which makes us the best fit to help our clients choose the insurance packages that suit their goals, policies, and future.

Our team of experts has a vast knowledge of the ever-changing economic condition of Nigeria; hence, offering calculated and strategic advice to help our clients effectively manage their risks.

At Tangerine financials, we understand the complexity of the insurance industry. Hence, we partnered with highly experienced lawyers, risk management consultants, and insurance experts to provide customized services that meet our clients’ specific needs.

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We know that the insurance company is a global one. Therefore, we leverage our network with global companies to provide world-class insurance broking services.

As a client-centric company, we are committed to offering satisfactory intermediary services to our clients on insurance, retirement benefits schemes, loans, savings with moderate interest, etc. by engaging standard and top-notch technical strategies.

Our company’s brief

Tangerine insurance is one of the best risk solution providers and management services. The company is established to take care of the risks that may occur against your businesses and all that matters to your lives creatively and innovatively.

Our services are deeply rooted in insurance broking, reinsurance broking, and consultancy services and we take care of life insurance and general insurance.


 Insurance broking

At Tangerine, we offer excellent broken services to individuals or corporations in significant economic areas. We help our clients to choose the insurance packages that best suit their needs.

We are an independent broker with no affiliation with any insurance company, assuring our clients to provide an unbiased service with their best interest at heart.

Our team of experts is vast in knowledge about the insurance industry, thereby offering top-notch services.

At Tangerine, we value our clients; hence we provide advisory services on risk management, protection against risk, and reduction of exposure to risks of injury, death, and business disruption.

We understand the risks associated with businesses, no matter how complex they are. We ensure that your insurance covers all your risks regardless of the complexity. Irrespective of your business or the insurance you want to incur, our services include:

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Reinsurance broking

Reinsurance is important in helping insurance companies manage their risk profitably while preserving their capital and ratings.

At Arlington Insurance, we offer our clients excellent services and solutions that help them better understand their services.

We also enlightened our clients on the standard industry practices that help them achieve their business goals.

We understand the significance of having global access to high-quality reinsurers and other service providers.

Hence, we have collaborated with experts in and outside Nigeria to increase our knowledge and expertise in deploying standard industry expectations without compromising our reputation and integrity.

At Tangerine, we handle proportional and non-proportional facultative reinsurance placements, which are effective in managing exposures that exceed the risk capacity offered in treaties or reduce the efficiency and effectiveness of treaties in terms of market, pricing, and structure.

We are at your service 24/7!


We offer reliable risk management and insurance advice. At Tangerine, we inform our clients about standard industrial practices that help to reduce their risks.

In addition, our team of insurance experts and legal practitioners is committed to providing answers to diverse risk situations ranging from simple to complex ones.

We are committed to protecting our clients against risks that will affect their operations and employees by providing timely, accurate, and legal advice regarding their insurance. Our consultancy services include but are not limited to:


Life insurance

Individual life

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We protect your life and guarantee payout compensation to your family’s beneficiaries if you are no longer with us here.

Group life

Protect your staff and employees! We guarantee payout compensation to your employees’ beneficiaries if they pass during service to the company.

Health insurance

We provide affordable health insurance by paying your hospital bills. Just get access to a quality care hospital near you at a convenient time.

General Insurance

Car insurance

We provide instant fire protection, car repair, stolen car, and car maintenance visits.

Children Education Plan

We have a plan for the future of your kids.  Save the future of your child with our plan.

Marine insurance

Keep sailing! We provide comprehensive protection for the loss and damages of all cargoes.

Oil and Gas insurance

Continue your work and leave it all for us! We provide cover for loss and damages to oil assets onshore and offshore.

Engineering insurance

We protect against damages to plants and machinery.

Fire and Burglary insurance

We protect your business and your home from fire or damage and theft.

Family welfare insurance

The welfare of your family is our priority. We put your family first by giving them financial the support they need to keep going when they are not with us here any longer.

Travel insurance

We provide cover for any loss of luggage, medical bills, flight cancellation, and lots more when you travel. So enjoy peace with us!

Agricultural insurance

We provide cover against losses due to drought, windstorms, fire, and excess rain.

Endowment Plan

No one knows what the future looks like. We provide a lump sum after a specific or upon the passing of a beneficiary when you save for the future.

Savings Plan

Save towards your financial goal and earn reasonable interest in your savings.

All risk insurance

We cover for loss or accidental damage to property not explicitly omitted under your insurance policy. We believe that no business is certain.

Other Products

Our other products

Apart from the insurance, we hold the pensions of the staff in companies; we give out loans with moderate interests, and investors partner with us. Contact us today.

For more information and the steps, call:


You can visit our office and say Mr Adelakun sends you to Yemisi or Mr Juwon there, you will be attended to:

Tangerine Financials

Ibadan Branch

Heritage Mall, Ibadan


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